IMM is a mixture of summer-trip and a family-friendly boat meet for multihull sailors. Its held in the end of July every odd year (until 2021- delayed one year due to the Covid-19 pandemic). The event is hosted by the national multihull-federations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

The first IMM in 1977 gathered about 25 boats, and have so far had it’s record-breaking 120 boat’s on Rügen / Germany in 1995. The participants are all from regular cruising boats to hardcore-racers and trailer-boats.

1977 Hönö, Sweden - 32 boats
1979 Bogensee, Denmark - 60 boats
1981 Stavern, Norway - 72 boats
1983 Öckerö, Sweden - 52 boats
1985 Bandholm, Lolland, Denmark
1987 Kiel, Germany
1989 Horten, Norway - 75 boats
1991 Öckerö, Sweden - 70 boats
1993 Ishøy, Denmark - 85 boats
1995 Straalsund, Rügen,Germany -120 boats
1997 Sandefjord, Norway - 80 boats
1999 Ebeltoft, Denmark - 100 boats
2001 Karlskrona, Sweden
2003 Wismar, Germany
2005 Riga - Latvia - 50 boats
2007 Fredrikstad, Norway
2009 Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 Stockholm, Sweden
2013 Rostock, Germany
2015 Halden, Norway
2017 Kerteminde, Denmark
2019 Karlskrona, Sweden
2022 Bremerhaven, Germany
2024 Horten, Norway

The Norwegian Multihull Association with president Helge Ingeberg initiated our IMMs by arranging a Nordic Multihull meeting in Göteborg in 1976. Representatives from VFS “Västkusten Flerskrovseglare” and DFS “ Danske Flerskrogsseilere” participated. It was determined that the arrangement should alternate between Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The first IMM, IMM-77, was to be arranged by VFS and located to the island Hönö outside Göteborg.

Capture1 Capture2
Hönö IMM-77 and Anders Amble’s legendary “Havkatt” in the regatta


This arrangement was very successful, 32 boats participated, the program had the same elements as we have today: gathering, regatta, boat visits and celebration, all in good multihull sailor spirit. The next, IMM-79 took place in Bogense, Fyn, Denmark. The third IMM-81 in Stavern, Norway. Now it had already become a tradition. SCTS, “Svenska Catamaran och trimaran seglare” locate in Stockholm had joined the party. From 1987 also Multihulls Deutschland participated as hosts for the IMM. In 2005 the Latvian Multihull Sailors hosted the IMM on request. Already from the very beginning multihull sailors all over Northern Europe welcomed the arrangement and we had vistors from Finland, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Great Britain and even USA (although some of them did not sail their own boats to the IMM)

Stavern 1981. the first IMM in Norway
IMM- Horten, Norway 1989 was visited by the new F-28 racing class catamarans
Rügen-Altefehr, Germany 1995, close to the historical city of Strahlsund. The so far largest IMM-arrangement
IMM-1999, in the beautiful city of Ebeltoft, Denmark.
Riga, Latvia 2005, an excellent arrangement by our enthusiastic balts